New song to celebrate the anniversary of Carib beer longside Kerwin Du Bois and Shenseea:

CAN YOU FEEL IT - Carib feat. Kerwin Du Bois & Shenseea

Just learned that the musician and singer of the group Kassav', Jacob Desvarieux died in August of Covid. RIP, you will be missed by generations.
Coming from to Paris, he founded Kassav' as a studio band, looking for an all-caribbean sound. Kassav' became one of the very few bands how can sell out stadiums for days.

One (maybe the) of the last releases of Jacob feat. Admiral T.

Article on the of Notting Hill, London.

‘We brought colour to this country’: the matriarchs of Notting Hill carnival | Notting Hill carnival | The Guardian

Nice list of Caribbean literature, ten must reads by @shaunduke

I'll add "The Dragon Can't Dance", "The brief history of seven killings" and one of the Naipaul books, and mark Omeros as "only pick it if you know what you are doing".

Sunday Chill out:

Busta 929 & Almighty SA – For The Bros (Tribute Mix)

60min tribute mix by the producers Busta 929 and Almighty SA in memory of Mpura, Killer Kau, Thato and The Voice.

New battle tune by Chip - Clash? Never running out of bars, dissing Stormzy. Nice and on point.

Ape Drums track from earlier this year alongside Silent Addy, released on tropical/dance label Mad Decent.

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