Back in business: Baghaven Brewing Copenhavn: Refsæsøen Abrikos - Farmhouse . Aged 10 months. Sour fermented farmhouse ale with high carbination, even like champagne. 6.5% ABV. Very special.. 3.75/5

Modeling the emergence of affective polarization in the social media society.

Read of the day - nerd fun with agend based modeling leads to alarming results:

"This suggests that, due to systemic feedback effects, if polarization passes certain tipping points, we may experience run-away political polarization that is highly difficult to reverse."

The big social networks destroy democracy and and societies in general.

Offizielle Geschichte von Schlachten und Adelshäusern, schick gemacht für den zeitgenössischen Narrativ ist das eine. Mindestens genauso spannend: Sprachgeschichte, hier die mehrere Tausend Jahre währende Geschichte Lateins. Auch eine andere Geschichte Europas. Sehr lesenswert, aber eher für Nerds.

Sehr hörenswerter Podcast vom Philosophie-Magazin Sein und Streit (DLF Kultur) zum Thema Digitaler Kapitalismus, Plattform-Ökonomie, Algorithmen und die Reaktion der Politik darauf.

Interesting article on designing organizations, although I find the term "designing" difficult for complex social systems.

There's usually a focus on building products and "managing" people, but developing and adapting orgs to your product seems to be a forgotten art.

Get off Facebook. Get off every Facebook service. Block Facebook. Don't work for Facebook. Don't provide services to Facebook. Find every way you can to get them out of your life and support others in doing the same.

They are ethically indefensible.

Looking at the FB whistleblower case with great interest.
There's a discussion in the and community on the responsibility for the products we build. Behavioral influencing and dark patterns are one side on the level of the individual user, but also large-scale on the societal impact.

Great to see a product manager like Frances Haugen step forward and giving some background insights on the mechanics of digital products.

Interessant, was so alles trendet, nur weil ein paar Junkies auf cold turkey gesetzt wurden. Man muss es leider so sagen.

Brewer's Tribute - Pale Ale: another small brewery from . Solid and light pale ale with a hoppy and floral taste. 5% ABV, 3/5

Added a pair of monitor speaker stands adjustable to the table. Invest 75€, and it took only decades (yes..) to understand that this could be awesome. Sound blasting straight in the face, nice!

Spaß mit Neologismen, die häufiger vorkommen, als einem immer bewußt ist:

- Neologismenwörterbuch des Leibniz-Instituts für Deutsche Sprache:
- Wortwarte (private Sammlung):

Sanna Koivu collected some thoughts on the popular communication frameworks: Non-violent communications and Clean Language.
Both feel very artificial and stiff at the beginning and should used with care and training.
I made good experiences with borrowing from Clean Language and Clean Setup, esp. in situations of conflict, mediation or coaching.

Fürst Wiacek - Impresario 2021 NEIPA.
This is my winner hazy: Berlin's own Fürst Wiacek made this awesome , rich and thick mouthfeel, lots of mango and citrus, oat with other complex flavors. 4.25/5

The Great Divide - Hazy IPA. Another awesome from my backlog. This is outstanding imho. Got it from 4/5 at least.

Polly's Brew - The time it takes to grow. NEIPA. Enjoying this from Wales in my favourite Friday office at Brewdog. Very interesting hoppy taste, with mouth feel, decent bitterness. 4/5

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