Sanna Koivu collected some thoughts on the popular communication frameworks: Non-violent communications and Clean Language.
Both feel very artificial and stiff at the beginning and should used with care and training.
I made good experiences with borrowing from Clean Language and Clean Setup, esp. in situations of conflict, mediation or coaching.

Fürst Wiacek - Impresario 2021 NEIPA.
This is my winner hazy: Berlin's own Fürst Wiacek made this awesome , rich and thick mouthfeel, lots of mango and citrus, oat with other complex flavors. 4.25/5

The Great Divide - Hazy IPA. Another awesome from my backlog. This is outstanding imho. Got it from 4/5 at least.

Polly's Brew - The time it takes to grow. NEIPA. Enjoying this from Wales in my favourite Friday office at Brewdog. Very interesting hoppy taste, with mouth feel, decent bitterness. 4/5

Be carefull with your domain tld choices as it could affect your business a lot. Using a few exotic tlds by myself without problems (like .info, .me, .dev), but all of them are non-business usage.
Interesting article about .xyz with the discussion on HN.


I find this quite amazing:

Mammoth Straw Creatures Populate Japanese Farmland in the Annual Wara Art Festival

Cloudwater DDH Pale Ale. Recommend earlier by a comrade, this Hazy double dry hopped DIPA is just perfect as it is. Dry, juicy, hoppy, strong. Tangerine and grapefruit. The end. 3.75/5

New BRLO collab with CeeCee agency: Cucumber Quench. Light watery lager with hints of lemon and mint, perfect for summer. 3.25/5

Kurze Geschichte der "Berliner Weisse", ein von Hugenotten nach Berlin gebrachtes milchsauer vergorenes Schankbier.

based micro brewery Schneeeule has some interesting beers. "Hot Irmi" is a very sour Berliner Weisse with ginger beer flavour and the fruity spiciness of Habanero peppers. Nice! Last one of my series. 3.75/5

🇩🇪 Der offizielle Wahl-O-Mat der Bundeszentrale für politischen Bildung ist online!


Neben diesen gibt es auch Nicht-offizielle von Freiwilligen


#Bundestagswahl #Bundestagswahl2021 #Bundestag

Reflecting on a 10 years career in product management, by MAA1. Very nice, inspired to do something similar.

Visiting Störtebeker brewery in Stralsund - hanseatic pioneer with focus on . Enjoyed the tour a lot and great beers, esp. the new Pacific Ale IPA and the Starkbier.

Back in my Friday corner office Brewdog Berlin mitte with a Gorilla: Burnt Out! Summer (Golden Ale) IPA.
Pretty light, grape and citrus with a lager-ish taste. Current staff selection. 5.2% 3.24/5

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