Für Team- und Organisationswerker*innen #2:
Neue Ausgabe der Neue Narrative ist auch eben erschienen mit dem Themenschwerpunkt "Co-Kreation".

Beim ersten Durchblättern wieder sehr gelungen und vollgepackt mit Geschichten (Case studies) und Tools.


Für alle Organisationswerker*innen: die neue Ausgabe von Organisationsentwicklung (ZOE) ist jetzt im Bahnhofskiosk erhältlich und hat zum Thema Macht und Wandel ein paar starke Artikel. Macht als Faktor wird ja gerne bei Veränderungsprojekten mal vergessen.

Kehrseite immer der stattliche Preis der ZOE, aber jut - bisher bei keiner Ausgabe bereut.


A research paper search / aggregator with simple and clean UI. Comes handy. Didn't check for the contents but looks alright on first glance.

OAmg · Open Access for Everyone · Download and read over 200 million research papers


Brewdog (Ellon) - Arcade Made (Double Dry Hopped DIPA).
Since Brexit English and Scottish beers getting rare, some stuff like Overworks completely gone. No disrespect to Brewdog Berlin brewery, but...
Anyway, a DIPA from Ellon. Nothing crazy, but solid. Peach, juicy, thick. 3.5/5

Krecher (Oslo, NO) - Plaguewing NEIPA.
Another nice hazy from my Norway batch. Very solid, peachy, fruity without the pine. Fun! Awesome artwork, maybe we should start s feed for all these awesome artists.


@drewbeer Oh hi! A beer dedicated mastodon instance, awesome!

Question to the tooters:

Is there a way to get rid of the daily journal and/or replace it with a weekly journal?

Currently I ignore the journal feed and have a template for a page "weekly"? @logseq

The new organizational model unFIX from Jurgen Appelo seem to get serious, step by step.
Interesting for me since my team setup looks kinda similar in some aspects but lacks some of the others.



Sour from Poland 1/2:
Browar Hopito - Floor is lava.
Smooth sour with taste of passion fruit and peach. Solid 4/5.


I've featured Schneeeule earlier, but became a dedicated fan since then:

The micro brewery in Wedding district of is the only one to my knowledge brewing traditional Berliner Weiße (instead of using Weiße as marketing name).

There's also a small beer salon in Wedding to try all the fantastic beers like Hot Irmi, Yasmin or Marlene. Served in the correct wide glass.
All at least 4/5, to celebrate the art.


Since is trending:
You are welcome to join dedicated to and nerds. Preferably small or local breweries and quality beer. But you are the judge.

I've also set up a group: @beersofmastodon you can follow to get all updates.


Can't learn from your mistakes if you don't make them 🧠

Crow Bryggeri (Oslo, NO) x Omnipolo (Stockholm, SE) Takeover.
2 days before the Oslo Beer festival starts, a takeover has taken place at Crow bar. Crow has great beers like the Golden State Pale Ale (3.5/5) or the Iggy Popsicle /w Blueberry Passion Fruit Pastry Sour (4/5).
But today it's about Omnipolo and experimental beers. The Anagram Blueberry Hazelnut Coffee Stout 2022 (4/5) is a nice coffee stout. The 18 Decillion IPA was my favorite (4/5).

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