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Definitely the darkest graphic web novel I've read in a while: a surviver's story of his time at the "education camp" for kids Elan. Disturbing^100.

Via HN comments:

Brewdog Silk Road. Lychee and mango flavoured hazy IPA. Not bad but a bit to sweet and fruity. 3.0/5

Brewdog Faux Fox Raspberry. Non-alc Sour, more like a sour lemonade. Perfect for hot days. 3.25/5

This comes handy:
Identify anything. pyWhat easily lets you identify emails, IP addresses, and more.

The buried bodies of the iconic Easter Island moai basalt statues, built by the Rapa Nui people between 1250-1500 CE, with petroglyphs carved on their back.
Via /r/ArtefactPorn

Mein Lieblingsfunktion in Outlook: "Aus dem Kalender entfernen".
humor 🤓

De-Quasimodo yourself - after 8h plus on the desk, surfing from video call to video call:
6 Exercises to Stop Slouching | The Art of Manliness

Cannupa Hanska Luger’s Future Ancestral Technologies is a science fiction. Science fiction has the power to shape collective thinking and help to imagine the future on a global scale.

Spent more time with on your hobbies and work less, says Gaetano DiNardi in HBR. Many people are too tired after work for hobbies. But we should always spent more time on things that really matter to us.

"Hobbies can make employees substantially better at their jobs for three reasons: they reawaken your creativity, give you a fresh perspective, and bolster your confidence."

Bräugier - Got Milch? Milkshake IPA.
Hazy flavoured with strawberry 🍓, mango and vanilla. Nice bitterness. Not for everyday though. 3.75/5

Bräuguer - Frucht und Eisen Wildberry (Sour). Lots of raspberry, light sourness. 3.5/5

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