The new organizational model unFIX from Jurgen Appelo seem to get serious, step by step.
Interesting for me since my team setup looks kinda similar in some aspects but lacks some of the others.


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@martin The one thing I don't like is the invention of new names for the topologies. Okay, there are some new things but as he says himself there's also a lot prior art here.

Btw., guppe is dead, I think? @agilists

@schaueho @agilists I personally find that kind of visualisations difficult since they imply a one-size-fits-all solution. I like the naming of the different groups (capability crew etc) very handy and helpful.
Collecting patterns (like the Scrum Patterns / PLOP around Jim Coplien) I find more promising from a systems theory perspective, but might be too abstract for most.

Guppe @agilists just started a week ago, didn't promote it yet.

@martin @schaueho @agilists guppe is now running on 2 cpu instead of one. i think its important because groups are really missing here. i liked the gnu social approach of using !groups

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