BRLO BRWFEST day 2. Nice small festival in Berlin at the BRLO garden. Sours coming back massively while the price of hops is increasing fast. Many new favourites like Coolhead from Helsinki and many Berliner small breweries.


Sudden Death Brewery (Lübeck, SH).
Visited SDB in their new brewpup in Lübeck. Awesome location outside the city center but still walking distance. Perfect place to hang out on the weekend.

Great beers on tap: Slapshot (Pale Ale, 4/5), Not Your Grandma's Rote Grütze (Sour, 4/5), and Sticky Bandits (DH IPA 4/5).

Guest brewery Freddo Fox (Catalunya, Spain) on tap.


ÜberQuell BrewPub (Hamburg): nice bar, restaurant & beer garden in Hamburg's St. Pauli district.
Mostly solid beers and ales at a reasonable price, and some more experimental stuff like the NEIPA Noire (with Camba, roasting flavor meets full hoppy taste 4/5) or the Franzbrewtchen Pastry Brown Ale (kinda thin with cinnamon flavour 3.5/5). The Sunny Spring Ale (3.5/5) is what you would call "lettdrikkelig" in Norway.


Brewdog (Ellon) - Arcade Made (Double Dry Hopped DIPA).
Since Brexit English and Scottish beers getting rare, some stuff like Overworks completely gone. No disrespect to Brewdog Berlin brewery, but...
Anyway, a DIPA from Ellon. Nothing crazy, but solid. Peach, juicy, thick. 3.5/5

Krecher (Oslo, NO) - Plaguewing NEIPA.
Another nice hazy from my Norway batch. Very solid, peachy, fruity without the pine. Fun! Awesome artwork, maybe we should start s feed for all these awesome artists.

Sour from Poland 1/2:
Browar Hopito - Floor is lava.
Smooth sour with taste of passion fruit and peach. Solid 4/5.

I've featured Schneeeule earlier, but became a dedicated fan since then:

The micro brewery in Wedding district of is the only one to my knowledge brewing traditional Berliner Weiße (instead of using Weiße as marketing name).

There's also a small beer salon in Wedding to try all the fantastic beers like Hot Irmi, Yasmin or Marlene. Served in the correct wide glass.
All at least 4/5, to celebrate the art.

Crow Bryggeri (Oslo, NO) x Omnipolo (Stockholm, SE) Takeover.
2 days before the Oslo Beer festival starts, a takeover has taken place at Crow bar. Crow has great beers like the Golden State Pale Ale (3.5/5) or the Iggy Popsicle /w Blueberry Passion Fruit Pastry Sour (4/5).
But today it's about Omnipolo and experimental beers. The Anagram Blueberry Hazelnut Coffee Stout 2022 (4/5) is a nice coffee stout. The 18 Decillion IPA was my favorite (4/5).

Kinn Bryggeri (Florø, Norway) - Humleriket (#5) - translate as rich of hops. Can't do much wrong with Kinn. This is very light, bitter and fruity. 4.5% ABV. Perfect for the summer. 3.5/5

Fjordfolk Mikrobryggeri - Juleøl (Brown Ale).
Kinda late for Christmas Beer but seasonal beer from small local breweries are available when they're available. Anyway, solid brown ale with taste of dry fruits and karamell. 3.25/5

When you approach the islands of the Gods, they might signal you a save passage.

"Brygghus means we brew beer" one of the friendly staff members at Brygghus Hundholmen in Bodø, said. And when I went upstairs to check the brewery, it was indeed brewing day - a new batch of Vårpils.
Great beers from the polar circle. The Juleøl 2021 ("Christmas"beer) was surprisingly fantastic with notes of licorice, clive and cinnamon. The had the deepness of a good old barrel.
Hundholmen has also an exquisite cuisine.

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