Doing Product Management for internal products has some different rules and things to look out for.
Article by Shawn Li: Templates for internal product managers.

Discovery and customer research should not an upfront process step, it is continuous. Interview with Marty Cagan, Author of some of the most read books on (digital) Product Management.

Attended the Leadership Forum last week (as part of the Hamburg), where Product people with leadership responsibilities could meet and talk.

Beside the impulse talks by Thor Mitchel (Miro), Emily Tate (mtp) and Esther Blaquez Blanco (Leadership Hacker) the valuable part for me was the exchange with fellow product peoples.
In person networking is something very different from yet another online session. Looking forward to next year.

Scanning through the freelancer and consultant chat group: companies in Germany seem to love projects with zero discovery but lot's of HIPPO opinions and untested assumptions. Combined if course with artificially set ridiculous deadlines.
Now they're looking for a saviour (read: external consultant) to make the impossible possible. Same thing everywhere.

Product Owner vs Product Manager #204984. This short video by Jason Tanner is looking in the history.

bildet erstmal nur den Ist-Zustand mit aktueller Tech bzw. digitalem Medium ab. Digital gedachte Lösungen dagegen fangen IMMER mit der Erforschung des Nutzer/innenproblems an und legen erst im zweiten Schritt mögliche technologische Lösungen darüber. Dafür gibt es jede Menge Frameworks und Modelle.. JTBD, Value proposition canvas, mindspace (ein Verhaltensmodell) uvm. Berufe, die genau das machen und (natürlich) in DE eher ein Schattendasein fristen:

Interesting fact is that in the tech and product scene people who work(ed) at FANG companies feel like superstars and get slots in conferences and webinars.

I'm wondering what a PM or PO or can actually teach us. Mindless growth with zero ethical code and no personal border and responsibility? Right, pass..

No hard feelings on Tristan Harris or Frances Haugen - but esp. Tristan played the from Saulus to Paulus story and cashed in.

Don't give up big ideas just because they are hard to meassure:

"Powerful ideas, imperfectly measured, are more useful than perfect measures for not-so-powerful ideas."

Sehr gutes Interview mit Thorsten Groth, einen der aktuell wichtigsten Stimmen für die Schnittmenge von Agilität und Systemischer Organisationsentwicklung:

Ordered this for my company, meanwhile whole C-level has this book at home. Let's see how this influences our way of working. A classic for building digital products.

Still interesting and valid peace on by Clayton Christensen. What do you know about mini-mills?

Interesting article on designing organizations, although I find the term "designing" difficult for complex social systems.

There's usually a focus on building products and "managing" people, but developing and adapting orgs to your product seems to be a forgotten art.

Looking at the FB whistleblower case with great interest.
There's a discussion in the and community on the responsibility for the products we build. Behavioral influencing and dark patterns are one side on the level of the individual user, but also large-scale on the societal impact.

Great to see a product manager like Frances Haugen step forward and giving some background insights on the mechanics of digital products.

Reflecting on a 10 years career in product management, by MAA1. Very nice, inspired to do something similar.

I found this very helpful for understanding motivations and drives:
The 25 drives grid by Juergen Apello.

As a humble practitioner of the Responsibility Process by Chris Avery and being in workshops with Chris a few times I can warmly recommend this video podcast:

Why are there almost no non-management career tracks for Product Managers like for tech or UX career paths?

Some interesting thought in this article by Ken:

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