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Scanning through the freelancer and consultant chat group: companies in Germany seem to love projects with zero discovery but lot's of HIPPO opinions and untested assumptions. Combined if course with artificially set ridiculous deadlines.
Now they're looking for a saviour (read: external consultant) to make the impossible possible. Same thing everywhere.

One mistake which has been done many times in the past: assuming that other cultures and languages communicate in the same way than you do. Global teams (and also co-located international teams like most here in Berlin) fail because of this.

Improving Communication for Global Teams

Kinn Bryggeri (Florø, Norway) - Humleriket (#5) - translate as rich of hops. Can't do much wrong with Kinn. This is very light, bitter and fruity. 4.5% ABV. Perfect for the summer. 3.5/5

Oh my goodness! 😮

Hello to all you new people on here! 👋

FediFollows (that's me) recommends accounts to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse, you can see all the recommendations so far organised by category at:

This is just a teeny tiny fraction of the millions of accounts on here, FediFollows' aim is just to give some good starting points.

Follow me if you want to see the latest recommended follows as they are added to the list.

#Introduction #Introductions

Please remember to always invite people to (instead of one of the big instances with mastodon in the domain name). This will keep the nice and smooth and instance owners out of financial trouble.

You can follow anyone on the fediverse, no matter of the instance a user is located. And it might pay out to find a local or special interest instance if wanted.

Kein schlechter Artikel bei Golem über die Pitfalls von Scrum.
Agiles Arbeiten: Gutes Scrum macht Entwickler nicht schlecht -

Has every 70s Hong Kong movie already been sampled or why did they stop doing it?Oh the golden age of Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest, and Seasonal Films .

Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' (Official Video)

Ein weiterer Artikel zum Thema System und ihre Rolle im aktuellen Krieg:

The Berlin elite's Ukraine dilemma - New Statesman

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Man erfährt momentan viele interessante Dinge und den Standpunkt Deutschlands in seinem wohl gefährlichsten Moment seit BRD-Gründung.

Exclusive: France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia

Fjordfolk Mikrobryggeri - Juleøl (Brown Ale).
Kinda late for Christmas Beer but seasonal beer from small local breweries are available when they're available. Anyway, solid brown ale with taste of dry fruits and karamell. 3.25/5

When you approach the islands of the Gods, they might signal you a save passage.

New track by Poirier alongside Waahli:

"Poirier collaborates for the first time with vocalist Waahli on "Teke Fren", a song in Haitian Creole that means "relax" or "take it easy". The Montréal's DJ and producer Poirier composed a comfortable rhythm with an Afro-Caribbean twist (think about and ) supported by a catchy guitar riff on the chorus."

Weder noch die Scrum Alliance scheint ernsthaft an Kompetenzaufbau, Ausbildung und Voluntariat interessiert zu sein, obwohl es ihr Auftrag ist. Wissenschaftliche Theorien aus Organisationspsychologie und Soziologie werden nicht zur Kenntnis genommen und lächerlich gemacht (alles schon auf Gatherings und Barcamps erlebt).

Auf der "Fläche" trifft man leider viel zu oft unausgebildete Scrum Master, wie sie im Artikel von Stefan beschrieben sind.

Imagine you tweet something, people go crazy and a few days later you are a few billion € richer. Just so. And you still won't care about shit.

Since tags only semi work on mastodon - why not add a group?
For your local craft posts add
@beersofmastodon or / and follow the group. Let's make it happen!

"Brygghus means we brew beer" one of the friendly staff members at Brygghus Hundholmen in Bodø, said. And when I went upstairs to check the brewery, it was indeed brewing day - a new batch of Vårpils.
Great beers from the polar circle. The Juleøl 2021 ("Christmas"beer) was surprisingly fantastic with notes of licorice, clive and cinnamon. The had the deepness of a good old barrel.
Hundholmen has also an exquisite cuisine.

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