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Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Respect each other - no promotion of violence and hate. 🤝
  2. Explicit media must be marked as sensitive. ❗
  3. Please don't post content which is illegal in the EU. ⛔
  4. Have fun 🎉
Closed, private Mastodon micro-instance hosted by Masto.host. Our accounts post in German and English. Contact team1.rocks@captain for any questions. Based on the masto.host TOS we don't post: - Sexual content involving minors, including artistic depictions - Gore and extremely graphic violence, including artistic depictions - National Socialism, Nazism - Holocaust denial - Racism - Alt right, including under the disguise of freedom of speech - Gender-critical - Sex and gender discrimination - Transphobia - Misogyny - Pro-ana / Pro-mia Also no accounts are mainly used for the following activities: - Automated sharing of third-party content, news sources, websites or social media content that doesn’t belong to you - Trolling, insulting and derogatory comments towards others outside your server - Mass following and aggregation of content - Spreading falsehoods, alternative facts, anecdotal evidence, prejudice or bias towards a social group, inciting violence, circular reporting, shock provoking content, conspiracy theories, dark patterns, deepfakes, disinformation, misinformation, sensationalism, truthiness, propaganda, rumours, hoaxes, urban myths, pseudoscience, post-truth and opinion pieces or interviews that convey any of the previous.